Easy steps to plan a trip

//Easy steps to plan a trip

Easy steps to plan a trip

Gone are the days when spending day and night working to earn a living was the only thing in people’s minds. In this era of global citizenship, more and more people are now opening up to the idea of exploring the world.

Though most of us would gush at the idea of a spontaneous trip, one cannot wholly take planning of the charts. So, here are a few steps to chalk out a basic plan for your next trip :

  1. Pick a destination-

Decide whether you want to travel domestic or international. Finalise on the topography of the desired destination, (i.e. Beaches, hill stations, deserts etc.). Additionally, you can also choose your destination based on certain other aspects such as the historical prominence of the region, religious importance, Famous cuisines etc.

  1. Set a time frame-

What is the duration of your trip? You can only formulate your budget if you have an idea about how long you’re going away.

  1. Research and calculate your costs –

Are you a backpacker or luxury traveller? If you are a backpacker, then your costs will be a bare minimum, but if you are focused on luxury, your costs will most certainly double concerning accommodation, transport, food, etc.

  1. Select your mode of transportation –

Cut costs on a domestic journey by booking a train or bus tickets to your destination unless you are very particular about a flight journey. In the case of an international trip, the most obvious mode of transport is an airline. Opt for a connecting flight to save money or save time and hop on to a direct flight.


  1. Home away from home! –

If you are a backpacker or a student traveller, the most pocket-friendly option for you are hostels and camps of different kinds across the globe. On the other hand, if you’re a family or a couple, it is usually recommended to opt for hotels depending upon your budget. There are plenty of apps that help you find hotels and homestays within your budget.

  1. Plan A and Plan B –

It is best to chalk out things to do list. Make reservations, transport and guide bookings if any in advance. Also, always ensure you have a Plan B.

  1. Double check –

Ensure you have your travel documents, bank card ( Both debit and credit ), a prepaid money card, and also enough foreign currency for any emergencies if you’re travelling internationally.

  1. Pack smart –

Travel light is the moto. Pack clothes and accessories keeping in mind the weather, the societal constructs of the place, and also stay true to your style. It is also crucial not to forget to carry comfortable footwear wherever you travel.

  1. Travel proof –

Travel insurance provides medical coverage and also covers things like damages to the camera, a cancelled flight, death of a family member or theft.

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