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Travel Tips to make you the savviest traveller

By | September 12th, 2018|Categories: traveller|

Whether it’s local travel or international, we all travel. We know what travelling essentials are, we know about safety to be considered, we know about the best accommodation places, but what about the “Savvy-quotient”? Ever thought about it? Well, read on to know what it takes to be the savviest traveller!

Purchase a small back-pack:
By doing this, you’ll be forced to pack less and light. You don’t want to be lugging around with that heavy baggage, which is probably stuffed with things you don’t even need! Making sure you have little baggage will make your journey a lot easier!

Carry all important documents:
If you are a globetrotter, you better make a folder in which you can arrange all your travel documents systematically. So every time you have an impromptu travel plan, all you need is to pick the folder and move!

Tropical river
Indulge in good local food:
The reason why there’s the “good” ahead of local food is because you don’t want to ruin your travel plan because of an upset stomach! While you cannot rule out trying out local food, you can always look out for reliable food joints and enjoy a bit of the local cuisine.

Plan your budget:
Trips in vacations call for shopping, splurging and indulging. While you can have your fun, make sure it doesn’t take a toll on your finances! You can avoid doing this by fixing a budget for your vacation and ensuring you don’t spend beyond your limits.

Pack all the essentials:
Your essentials will depend upon the length of your vacation, the weather of the place you’re visiting and so on. Make sure you have a checklist ready and pack accordingly.

Don’t act like a tourist:
Try your best to blend along with the locals. You will end up having more fun. Also, tying a money bag around your waste and having a lost expression isn’t going to help you. If you have some queries, ask the locals. It will be better if you pick a few words and phrases from the local language and try to interact with the locals. They’ll warm up to you immediately and will be more than ready to help you out.

To be travel savvy, you need to be tech savvy:
Make sure you use technology optimally. Translators, maps, best accommodations – it’s all in there! Just use the right app, and you’re all set!

Use the free Wi-fi and restrooms available in cafes and libraries:
You should make optimum use of the free wi-fi facility that’s available in local joints, libraries and all such spots. You can even ask them in case you have some queries because they are localites and are in a better position to help you out.
Hope these tips help you transform yourself into a savvy traveller!

Easy steps to plan a trip

By | September 12th, 2018|Categories: trip|

Gone are the days when spending day and night working to earn a living was the only thing in people’s minds. In this era of global citizenship, more and more people are now opening up to the idea of exploring the world.

Though most of us would gush at the idea of a spontaneous trip, one cannot wholly take planning of the charts. So, here are a few steps to chalk out a basic plan for your next trip :

  1. Pick a destination-

Decide whether you want to travel domestic or international. Finalise on the topography of the desired destination, (i.e. Beaches, hill stations, deserts etc.). Additionally, you can also choose your destination based on certain other aspects such as the historical prominence of the region, religious importance, Famous cuisines etc.

  1. Set a time frame-

What is the duration of your trip? You can only formulate your budget if you have an idea about how long you’re going away.

  1. Research and calculate your costs –

Are you a backpacker or luxury traveller? If you are a backpacker, then your costs will be a bare minimum, but if you are focused on luxury, your costs will most certainly double concerning accommodation, transport, food, etc.

  1. Select your mode of transportation –

Cut costs on a domestic journey by booking a train or bus tickets to your destination unless you are very particular about a flight journey. In the case of an international trip, the most obvious mode of transport is an airline. Opt for a connecting flight to save money or save time and hop on to a direct flight.


  1. Home away from home! –

If you are a backpacker or a student traveller, the most pocket-friendly option for you are hostels and camps of different kinds across the globe. On the other hand, if you’re a family or a couple, it is usually recommended to opt for hotels depending upon your budget. There are plenty of apps that help you find hotels and homestays within your budget.

  1. Plan A and Plan B –

It is best to chalk out things to do list. Make reservations, transport and guide bookings if any in advance. Also, always ensure you have a Plan B.

  1. Double check –

Ensure you have your travel documents, bank card ( Both debit and credit ), a prepaid money card, and also enough foreign currency for any emergencies if you’re travelling internationally.

  1. Pack smart –

Travel light is the moto. Pack clothes and accessories keeping in mind the weather, the societal constructs of the place, and also stay true to your style. It is also crucial not to forget to carry comfortable footwear wherever you travel.

  1. Travel proof –

Travel insurance provides medical coverage and also covers things like damages to the camera, a cancelled flight, death of a family member or theft.

How to choose a destination for your wedding

By | September 12th, 2018|Categories: wedding|

Wedding bells ringing? Even though throwing a dart on a map and watching where it lands may seem like the best option, be wise and choose otherwise. This article compiles a step-by-step solution to help you go through the endless list of locales to zero down on one that looks after everything from your style to your budget.

  1. What’s not your cup of tea

Step one in this process of choosing a wedding destination is to finalise the places you do not fancy as an option at all.

  1. Landscape choice

It is vital to put your mind to the type of landscape you’d like to add as a backdrop to your wedding images. Do you fancy the oceans and rivers, tropical forests or mountains?

  1. Keep count –

Count the number of guests for the wedding to help allocate necessary accommodation in the potential venue. A long guest list makes managing difficult, and for this, you may require a more experienced larger hotel. But if you plan an intimate affair limited to friends and immediate family, the requirements will differ.

  1. Check your wallet

Make a mental note of your expected total cost as this will help you narrow down your options to those destinations that will “ fit the bill”.


  1. Dear but not near?

Always remember, accessibility is key. It not only helps make things more convenient for the guests but also ensures you don’t have to miss anyone on your big day.

  1. Let the hunt begin! –

Keeping in mind the guest list and the budget, filter to result in your idea of the perfect destination. There are plenty of travel and hotel accommodation booking apps and websites. Airbnb being the most popular allows you to use the “Suitable for events” filter to identify villas and homes that can house the number of guests you have in mind.

  1. To do’s at the destination

Now research on the activities the chosen destination offers. Apart from the main event, the wedding, both the couple and guests require some form of entertainment, and for this, it is essential to find out if the place offers any other adventures and activities.

best outdoor wedding

  1. Call, read and stalk

Before closing in on any venue or destination, it is crucial to call up these place and have a word with the management and the staff to get first-hand information on matters of concern or doubt. You can also read up about these places on the internet and other sources. Stalking social media handles of various venues too plays a vital role in final decision making.

  1. Feel it in the gut

There is not a single answer your gut feelings can’t give you. So trust your gut and let it take its course. Everything will eventually fall into place to create the perfect wedding.